Nine reasons why your weekends get waste when you do moving & shifting in Dubai…


If you are planning to hire packers and movers in Dubai or Moving your Furniture? Or you bought a Washing machine on Dubizzle? or relocate your office? Stressed out just thinking about transport? We’ve all been there. I was trying to shift my apartment I wasted 2 days to get reliable, convenient transportation or packers and movers in Dubai is an obstacle course.



Hassle # 1: Finding a professional mover or pickup.

There are a gazillion easier things to do.


Hassle #2: The ‘Stand’ Fight.

Every driver at the pickup stand wants your business. But only one Driver will be the winner.




Hassle #3: uneconomical Pricing!

You probably have to break the bank to pay them



Hassle #4: Negotiation !

The most stressful & annoying part to hire a truck.




Hassle #5: Drivers never come on the exact location!

You have to explain the addresses multiple times. Multiple calls to give the direction. Eventually, you give up and accompany them.



Hassle #6: All pain, no gain

They quietly watch while you struggle to load the vehicle.




Hassle #7: communication gap!

You say left they turn right & you say up lift they put down.




Hassle #8: Invoices

“What is this invoice?”



Hassle #9: Professional!

Lack of professionalism




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