For Business clients


Do you own Truck?

No, all our trucks are outsourced. However, registered drivers receive a training and go through our verification process before they come on board

How long have you been in the market?

We launched in 2018.

How many trucks do you have for domestic trips?

Currently under HOP 50 trucks register and day by day it’s growing.

Do your trucks come with driver?

Yes, we only provide trucks with drivers but we also provide helper according to client need with an additional charges.

What are the different vehicle types ?

We have normal trucks starting from 1-ton, 3-ton.

Which areas do you cover in the UAE?

We cover all the UAE.



Are the customer’s goods insured by HOP?

No the goods are not insured. Our rates do not include any charges towards insurance. But the customer should take insurance for goods being shipped.

Can a customer purchase an insurance on Porter’s platform?

We do not offer this facility as of now.